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Phil’s German world consists of two world regions, Europe and the Americas.

In Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

In North and South America:

  1. Communities that have preserved their German, Austrian or Swiss heritage (German architecture, Oktoberfest, Saengerbund, Polkas and Waltzes and Schuhplattler), but mostly no longer speak German: New Ulm, Minnesota; Fredericksburg, Texas; La Cumbrecita, Argentina.
  2. Communities of Anabaptist origin: Amish, Hutterites and Old Order Mennonites who have retained their own culture, language and social structures. They do not evangelize but are growing rapidly in numbers due to their high birthrate and retention of youth. They are steadily expanding in terms of territory. Another group of Anabaptist origin is the Church of the Brethren. The “Brethren” evangelize in the tradition of the Christian Church of the first century. The English language has replaced the original Swiss German language.
  3. These are all industrious, successful people who enjoy life and know how to succeed and get things done

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